Fill out this form and get a quote sent to your client in seconds.


Want to send a quick quote to your tenants without bothering your client? We automatically email your client’s quote specific to your communality requirements. Most importantly you get emailed proof of insurance immediately and get notified on all cancellations.

Our agency is the ONLY agency tailored to YOU, the leasing agent. We have created for leasing agents to easily submit their tenants’ information for a renters insurance quote without the hassle. Not only is our process quick and efficient, there is always a live person on the other end to assist the leasing agents and tenants.

For every client that joins our agency we like to give back to the community. We can arrange you or your community to receive $15 per client or we can donate to the charity of choice. We love to get involved with your residents’ events and give back once we establish our relationship with your community as well. Just as a thank you and a way for us to show our appreciation for your loyalty, Rafail Insurance Group will also include a gift card up to $50 just for YOU!

How It Works:

Step 1

You refer your client.

Rafail Insurance has developed a quick and convenient way for you to request insurance for homeowners and renters on behalf of your client. You are also able to find your client home warranties, set up alarm systems and so much more!

Step 2

We insure your client.

As soon as we receive your request we start working immediately! We explain your client’s quote and answer any questions you may have about their policy. From there we build a long term professional relationship.

Step 3

You benefit directly.

Proof of insurance coverage is sent immediately to you and your client via email. As a way for us to show our appreciation, we will present a $25-$50 Visa gift card for a homeowners policy and $15 for a renters policy.