Universal life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance that offers the low-cost protection of term life insurance as well as a savings element that is invested for a cash value. As your situation changes, your death benefits, savings and premiums can be revised and changed according to your circumstances. With universal life insurance, you can use the interest from your accumulated savings to pay for other premiums. Universal insurance allows you to be more flexible with your savings and allows you to easily shift money. If certain situations come up unexpectedly, you are able to make adjustments accordingly.

If you desire more flexibility and the ability to handle your own savings, universal life insurance is the right choice for you. To learn more about the benefits, we would be happy to inform you about your options. Give Rafail Insurance Group a call today.

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Life Insurance Retirement Plan

If you are beginning to plan for retirement, consider diversifying your portfolio by including a life insurance retirement plan. There are a number of benefits to supplementing your retirement plan with a life insurance policy.


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Universal Life Insurance College Savings Plan

College can be expensive for parents and students. Make sure that you begin to save early so that you can pay for your child’s education when the time comes. Take a look at how a universal life insurance college savings plan can help you save.