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Below is some general information about Oak Forest:

Oak Forest is a large residential community in northwest Houston, Texas, United States. Oak Forest is the third largest group of subdivisions in Harris County. Oak Forest was established in 1947 by Oak Forest Realty Corporation, owned by Frank Sharp, a developer who would later establish Sharpstown. Oak Forest Realty Corporation built houses only in Section 1. Sharp would later develop the neighborhood for 17 additional sections by building streets and installing utility lines, but left the home construction to other contractors. The first house, which served as a sales office, was built at the corner of Golf and Fisher Dr. Almost all of the first houses were sold to World War II veterans for $8,000-$10,000. One of the original homeowners, Ruth Metzger, bought her house in April 1947, when it was only a slab and still lived there through 2008. Originally, there was no telephone service. If a homeowner needed to place a call, they had to use one in the construction shack on the corner of Wakefield and Kinley Lane or one in the house of Frank SharpÕs niece on Wakefield. Telephone service finally arrived in the middle of 1948. Sufficient acreage in Oak Forest was set aside for churches, parks and schools. Areas were also reserved for commercial development and this accounts for the many grocery stores, cleaners, service stations, etc., which are located along W. 43rd St. between Ella Blvd. and Oak Forest Dr. When it was first established, Oak Forest was a golf course and a part of the Aldine Independent School District. The land was ceded to Houston ISD. The original Oak Forest Elementary was built in 1951, followed by Black Junior High School in 1958 and construction on Waltrip High School began in 1959 with the first classes held in the fall of 1960. Stevens Elementary was added as the area grew beyond the capacity of one elementary school.

Oak Forest was originally an unincorporated area in Harris County. It was annexed by the City of Houston about 1949. Sixty years later, there are 5,523 homes in Oak Forest with a population of over 23,000. Oak Forest is the third largest area after the annexation of Kingwood. From 2005 to 2011 the number of house sales in Oak Forest increased by an annual average of 5.8%. In February 2009 some Oak Forest residents reported increased burglaries and thefts. In 2010 the Houston Press ranked Oak Forest one of the The Five Most Underrated Neighborhoods In Houston. 226 house sales occurred during that year. In 2011 Jason Light, the owner of the real estate firm Light Group, was quoted in the Houston Chronicle referring to Oak Forest as the new West University. Marlene Casares, a woman quoted in the same article, called Oak Forest as like a little mini Bellaire, but with better prices. By 2013 many families were moving into Oak Forest and nearby Garden Oaks. 338 homes were sold in 2012, further indication that the number of families moving to Oak Forest is increasing. This marks a 31% increase in number of Oak Forest homes sold from 2011, and 51% higher than the number of homes bought in 2003.

Candlelight Community Center and Park is at 1520 Candlelight. It has an indoor gymnasium, a playground, a lighted sports field, and a .45 mile hike and bicycle trail. Oak Forest Park is located at 2100 Judiway. T.C. Jester Park is located at 4201 TC Jester, West. The Northwest Branch YMCA is the closest YMCA to Oak Forest. In 2013, Casey Michel of the Houston Press said “And until recently, [Oak Forest] had been one of the more placid” communities in Houston. Jennifer Latson of the Houston Chronicle said that the murder of Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pe–a in 1993 “shook” Oak Forest “to its foundation.” T.C. Jester Park has a memorial to the girls. In addition Waltrip High School has a memorial to the girls, as they were students at the school. In 2013 there had been a string of driveway holdups and the Houston Police Department asked Oak Forest residents to not venture outside during night hours. In response, the Armed Citizen Project, a nonprofit organization based in Houston, gave free shotguns to residents.

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