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We know how auto dealers wish to make sure that their clients and their clients’ cars can have a happy and healthy life. Auto Insurance is extremely important for all drivers and motorists. Rafail Insurance can make sure that your clients get the protection that they need. We are one of the highest ranking insurance agencies for Farmer’s Insurance. We have been awarded the Top 1% of Farmers Agencies from 2009-2014. We will make sure that your clients needs are met. Because of your loyalty to our agency, we will be happy to give you a gift card for every referral from you!

This referral program allows you to immediately quote your clients for auto and motorcycle insurance. We can insure a car used for personal use or for company use.

Rafail Insurance knows that you want to always be improving your auto dealership’s reputation. We will respect you and your clients. We will ensure that they are satisfied with their coverage and that they are pleased with our continuing relationship with them. Talk to our agents about how we have helped auto dealers. Give us a call and see how a relationship with Rafail Insurance can help your dealership.

How It Works:

Step 1

You refer your client.

Our online form has made it easier for dealerships to give quotes to their clients. Just fill out the form, and request an auto insurance quote on behalf of your clients. We can also help with motorcycle and specialty vehicle insurance.

Step 2

We insure your client.

After your request has been sent to our office, we will email you back and explain your client’s quote. In that email, we will also answer any questions your client may have about the policy and coverage they are interested in. We want to build a long-lasting, professional relationship with you and your clients. Our agents will then send you an email showing proof of coverage.

Step 3

You benefit directly.

After the sale of the auto insurance plan, proof of coverage will be sent directly to you and your client. For every referral that joins our agency, we will present you with a visa gift card for every auto and motorcycle policy. We just want to send you something to show you our appreciation!